What do we talk about when we talk about technology enabled violence?

Our publication, Free to be Mobile, features 10 stories of teenage girls, women, trans and queer persons – their gendered omg experiences with mobile phone based violence and the strategies they devise to freely and fearlessly inhabit digital spaces.


The Missing Link. Porn Panic Ban.
The Safety Net. Free To Be Online.
Queering the Interwebs

Our interactive workshops explore how gender and sexuality play out online, deal with technology-enabled harassment, and equip marginalised genders and sexualities to freely inhabit, occupy, and express themselves in digital spaces.


Let’s reboot tech so it works for all genders and sexualities

Our online zine explores the nooks and crannies of sex and gender in digital spaces, right from anonymity and access to pornography and sexting. Blog post brewing? Send us a pitch at [email protected]

Our award-winning digital imprint Deep Dives specialises in longform journalism, personal narrative, and the occasional works of art, poetry and fiction. Our first collection, Sexing the Interwebs, featured in-depth stories at the intersection of sex, gender and technology. Coming up in 2019: a new Deep Dives series.