The SexGenderTech program at Point of View started in 2013 with a national workshop that explored how technology shapes gender and sexuality – and vice versa. That workshop brought digital rights closer to the lives – and rights – of women and transpersons. And vice-versa.

Since then, we’ve spread our wings in many directions. We continue to conduct workshops with women’s rights defenders, college students and grassroots activists. We research and create knowledge on these emerging, yet vital issues, in the digital age. We run campaigns, zines and publications. We advocate for gendered policies around technology in India and abroad. We network with other organizations working on these issues – across the globe. We push very hard to create new narratives and conversations on technology – from the points of view of less privileged genders.

In short, we do everything we can to ensure that women, girls, and queer and trans persons can freely navigate the interwebs – with a sense of belonging.