Hacking Digital Gender Norms

In February 2019, in Negombo, Sri Lanka, 47 researchers, practitioners and activists working on gender, sexuality and technology in South Asia came together for a two-day regional conference: Imagine A Feminist Internet: South Asia. Gender norms lay at the heart of our conversations – the way patriarchal social and cultural norms are
reproduced digitally, the way these are negotiated and contested online, the way these norms restrict access to free participation in digital spaces.

Gender norms sit like an invisible layer below our digital lives, one we need to deal with if digital rights for all are to become a reality. Technology-based solutions alone won’t get us there. To really build a feminist internet, one that all women and marginalised genders can participate in, with agency, autonomy and a sense of belonging, we must hack gender norms, online and offline.

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