Queering the Interwebs

β€œIs the internet queer? Yes. But sometimes it acts very straight.”

-Paromita Vohra, writer and filmmaker

In its earlier avatars, the internet was an open-ended space that offered new kinds of knowledge and ways of being. Crucially, it offered the potential for play. Back then, says Jac sm Kee from APC, the internet was an alternative arena embedded in a real space, where margins could be centres, and where there could be multiple centres – some messy, some unruly; a space less constrained by norms. With the increase in corporate control of the internet, it is this playfulness, this beautiful unruliness, that is being lost.

Queering the Interwebs was a three-day conference in July 2018 on queer desire, risk and pleasure in digital spaces. We brought together 25 LGBTQI activists, representing 17 organisations from 11 cities across India, for conversations around how queer and trans people can securely navigate the internet for their lives, work and sexuality

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